American Dreams #3:
Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness

What happens when the smoke clears?

One of the most remarkable sights was the mass movement of people, on foot, along highways usually reserved for motorized traffic. The Brooklyn & Manhattan bridges, as well as the FDR Drive, which runs along the East River from lower to upper Manhattan, became human rivers with an unhurried but steady flow & no end in sight.

16mm   5 minutes   color & b/w   2002   music by Charlemagne Palestine
DISTRIBUTION: Collectif Jeune Cinema
PRESS in honor of media art's eternal regeneration, here's a sweet 16 of some more dynamite works from 2003: Amy Goodrow: Tape 5925 (Eileen Maxson), Learning Stalls: Lesson Plans (Torsten Z.Burns & Darrin Martin), Security Anthem (Kent Lambert), My Minute Beats Your Year (Devin Flynn), Untitled (Violence) (Seth Price), The Stairway at St.Paul's (Jeroen Offerman), Travel Songs 1967-1981 (Jonas Mekas), An Injury to One (Travis Wilkerson), After Wegman (Anne McGuire), Scumrock (Jon Moritsugu), American Dreams #3 (Moira Tierney), Ich Bin Eine Manipulator (Andrew Jeffrey Wright & Clare Rojas), Film Sketches (Shannon Plumb), The Magic Kingdom (Jim Trainor), Final Flesh (PFFR), Inflated:the Blow-Up Doll Films of Steve Hall and Cathee Wilkins - The 5th Annual Village Voice Film Critics' Poll - Ed Halter - December 2003

Moira Tierney en American Dreams 3 graba la huida de los neoyorquinos cuando se desmoronan las torres gemelas.Atraviesan el puente de Brooklyn despavoridos con una nube de polve al fondo. Una masa en blanco y negro que se difumina en sus contornos. Ella tambien recurre al documento apara poner carne, lagrimas y desolacion a un sueno que se viene abajo, cuyos pies nunca han sido tan de barro - Blanco y Negro Cultural, 18 September 2000

The gnawing question raised by "Ce qui arrive..." (What happens ... , officially translated as "Unknown Quantity"), the exhibition at the Fondation Cartier conceived by technology theorist Paul Virilio and cocurated by Leanne Sacramone, is how this trial run for Virilio's prospective "Museum of Accidents" could possibly have fixed on the destruction of the World Trade Center as the exemplary case. Yet at the core of this show, labeled "The Accident," five extemporaneous recordings of the event by Tony Oursler, Moira Tierney, Jonas Mekas, and Wolfgang Staehle established an unequivocal center of gravity that pulled ineluctably on thirteen similarly shrouded black-box film installations selected, one can only imagine, less along the lines of intrinsic interest or quality than of brute homeomorphism: smoke (Peter Hutton), explosion (Bruce Conner, Cai Guo-Qiang), demolition (Dominic Angerame), anomie (Peter Hutton, Jem Cohen). Although the images of September II could easily have been snipped from the audiovisual continuum that Virilio has so frequently vilified, they nonetheless plugged into (if not to say exploited) our inchoate ideas and active anxieties about terrorist networks and imminent geopolitical upheaval--not accidents - Artforum February 2003