Hope's Voice
A collective portrait for Does HIV Look Like Me?
Super-8mm/DV   10 minutes   silent   b/w   2006

distribution: collectif jeune cinema
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Hope's Voice is a Super-8mm portrait of HIV advocacy campaigners during a photo shoot in Brooklyn and Harlem in the summer of 2006. The photo shoot doubled up as a fashion shoot to promote the organisation's new campaign, Does HIV Look Like Me? which hit the road shortly afterwards.

Does HIV Look Like Me? International Society is a non-profit organization that works locally and globally to reduce the stigma associated with HIV and AIDS. They raise awareness by producing cutting-edge media and print campaigns, and by providing projects, education and leadership opportunities to people infected and affected by HIV.

This particular campaign was not solely designed to educate the general public; it also reassured young people living with HIV and AIDS that they were not alone. The fear-based campaigns of the past created an unecessary stigma; Does HIV Look Like Me? was intended to counteract the stigma with a vision of the realities of living with HIV and AIDS in the 21st century

Sponsored by Robert Vieira at A1 Film Labs, New York and Steve Garfinkel at Kodak, New York.