Ride City
The twin-screen battle for survival of Dublin's inner-city Smithfield Horse Market
Super-8mm on VHS 10 minutes   colour & b/w   1999   music by Giles Packham


PRESS American film festivals usually feature only two different kinds of films: American Independents and European art house fare. A new festival, the XENO International Film Festival, opening Friday in Brooklyn ... stakes claim to the space between the rival camps. Subtitled "Cinema from the New Europe," XENO is comprised of ten new features and 50-plus shorts with heavy emphasis on the experimental and the avant-garde ...The DIY aesthetic is quite visible in two shorts programs, one highlighting new British shorts and the other new Irish shorts.The Irish program leans more towards the formally inventive, like Moira Tierney and Giles Packham's elegant, double projection super-8, horse show flick, Ride City and Reynold Reynolds and Patrick Joly's austere Seven Ways Till Sunday
Aaron Krach, Introducing XENO, New Euro Underground Hits New York,