Down Claiborne

New Orleans: along Claiborne Avenue in the Tremé, the community reclaims its history and territory through its mural work and the through the masking traditions of the Black Indians.

Super-8mm/16mm/DCP   50 minutes    colour & b/w   2018




Cinematography and editing: Moira Tierney

Audio recording:
Stephen Richardson and Moira Tierney

Sound mix: Paul Womack

Editorial Consultants:
Big Chief Kevin Goodman, Flaming Arrows Tribe
Mama Jennifer Turner, Community Book Center,
Bayou Road

Big Chief Kevin Goodman
Rahsaana Ison
John Lacarbiere III
Atibon Nazaire
Big Chief Honey Bannister

Treme Poem:
John Lacarbiere III

Let's Go Get'em
My Gang Don't Bow Down

Big Chief Kevin Goodman & The Flaming Arrows

The Trial
The Cross

Mario Abney (trumpet)
Josh Atkin (alto & tenor), Chris Slone (bass),
Rashon Murph (piano) and Julian Addison (drums)

Hold'em Joe
Big Chief Kevin Goodman

Indian Red
Big Chief Demond Melancon
& the Young Seminole Tribe:
Big Queen Alicia
Big Chief Demond
Spyboy Trigger
Spyboy Shaudy
Gang Flag Frank
Tribal Rep Travis

Okai Music

Claiborne Avenue Murals:
Commissioned by the New Orleans African History Museum. Artists: Robert Aquarius, Dwayne D Conrad, Lanis Domino, Cheryl Mckay Dixon, Ivan Watkins, Damion Hunter, Prince

Unified Soul Brothers Mural & Truck:
Artist: Percy Taplet

Nuthin But Fire Mural:
Artist: Jessica Strahan

Mardi Gras footage:
shot with permission from Big Chief Kevin Goodman


Flaming Arrows:
Big Chief Kevin Goodman
Big Queen Angel
Lil Queen Kavon Goodman
Gang Flag Clarence Sasha
Gang Flag Clarence's Sister Ingrid

Seventh Ward Hard Head Hunters:
Big Chief Otto
Big Queen Yvonne
Gang Flag 'Big Easy' Eddie
Spyboy Alphonse
Spyboy Jay Mckay

Ninth Ward Comanche Hunters:
Big Chief Keke
Spyboy Charlie
Wildman Ro

Young Seminoles:
Big Chief Demond Melancon

7th Ward Warriors:
Gang Flag Merlin Dejean
Big Chief Smiley Ricks
Mardi Gras Mambo James

Many Thanks To:
Rene Broussard, Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center, New Orleans; John Mhiripiri & Anthology Film Archives, New York; Barbara and Stephen at Filmbase, Dublin; Dublin City Council (St. Patrick's Lodge); Frankie Boué, Courtney Egan, Paula Gilligan, Ana Hernandez & Rontherin Ratliff, Jonique Hewitt, Maria Hinds, Jill McDermid & Eric Hokansen, Horton Humble, Ariel Jackson, Patrice Lerochereuil, Delia Nakayama, Jewel Robinson, Matthew Shilling, Mary Taylor, Tara Thierry, Eoin Tierney, Maya Weimer, Amy Wright, Maria Venuto at the Standby Program

Super 8mm film developed at Cinelab, Massachusetts
16mm film developed at Colorlab, Maryland
Telecine: Cinelab, Massachusetts

Production Funding: Arts Council of Ireland

Post Production Funding:
New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation