Here, we all do
what has to be done
A film, slide and live music performance, created for the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris (2007)
Images Moira Tierney         Music Macdara Smith, Mathieu Autin and Ben Raymond    45 minutes

The performance was created, by Moira Tierney, Macdara Smith, Mathieu Autin and Ben Raymond, as a dialogue between music, voice and image. All audio and visual elements are original compositions. The performance was devised over the period of a month, during which the overall framework was laid out; there is, however, an important element of improvisation; every performance is unique.

Our aim was to find the flow, the nervous system linking the disparate elements:

habiter une ville qui n'est pas, en faite, la sienne ... qu'est-ce que ca te fait, comment tu la vit?
quels sont vos sentiments, qu'est-ce que tu subis, comment tu te ressens dedans & comment tu t'en tire?
on raconte une histoire - l'histoire de qui?

living in a city which is not really your own ... what does that do to you, how do you survive?
what are your thoughts, what do you put up with, how do you feel in the city and how do you get by?
we're telling a story - whose story are we telling?

For more details (blurb, tech specs, excerpts & running order) see DVD booklet below

For more info about Macdara, Mathieu and Ben's band: Think Twice

PERFORMANCES 2007       Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris