Solus at Ocularis: Flix & Kicks
Sabine d'Argent Beasts of the Free Enterprise Zone Dennis Kenny
beasts of the free enterprise zone beta 2 mins sound colour
The Lessons of Chairman Mao as taught by humble prehistoric amphibians. A sequel to MISHIMA.
Dennis Kenny is a Dublin-based multi-media artist who has made many improvised and interactive computer-based installations for such events as the Dublin Theatre Fringe Festival and ‘Elevator’ and ‘Powderbubble'.
restaurateur super-8mm on video 2.5 mins sound colour
Evil Knievel in all his explosive midair glory, set to the throbbing sounds of 'Oo I Gave My Summer To You'...
Alan Lambert is a fine artist and painter who has storyboarded many feature films and documentaries and regularly
screens experimental films at such events as ‘Freeze’ Winter Projections and ‘Aspidistra’ at Arthouse.
Mark Cullen is a Dublin-based artist and co-founder of Pallas Artists Studio.
meditation* 16mm 3 mins silent b/w
August Varkalis
how many steps to heaven? 16mm 6mins silent b/w & colour
Julius Ziz
snakes (2nd edition) 16mm 11 mins   colour
Castle Films, with sound mixed on the spot by DJ Aenghus Hennessy (incorporating live feed from projector sound-track)
you can't keep a good snake down* 16mm 4 mins sound colour
For a long time Saint Patrick has been touted as the redemptor of Pagan Ireland: the man who rid the country of its snake population. We felt it was time the to redress this historical imbalance and give the snakes their due. The All-Star cast includes Maria Montez, Jackie Chan and an assortment of noted Irish and British politicians. Scenes of harem and combat are presided over by the Virgin Mary and set to the score of a tarantella, or spider dance. It's all in the Eye of the Chameleon Moira Tierney is a film-maker based in New York.
Masha Godovannaya is a film-maker and curator based in New York who recently organised the first programme of American Avant-Garde film to travel to Russia.
eels* 16mm 1.5 mins silent b/w
brian frye
faces* super-8mm 3.5 mins silent b/w
donal o'ceilleachair
tiger me bollix super-8mm 3 mins sound b/w
Winnie Collins and Gang whoop it up beside the caravans where they live in Dublin’s South Docks. The film was made at their request; the music was composed and recorded subsequently in New York.
Moira Tierney (image) is a film-maker based in New York.
Andrew Lampert (sound) is co-programmer of the New York Underground Film Festival.
eel* super-8mm/vhs 9 mins sound colour
a super-8 / video double projection by stom sogo
* films made specially for the screening (& its snake theme)
all films - except snakes (2nd edition) - 2000